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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter metal detectors have long been many detectorists’ favorites due to their range of features that make them quite good at coin shooting, relic hunting and other similar tasks. The Bounty Hunter Lone Star is an affordable mid-level metal detector, featuring not only five segments of digital target ID, but also three search modes […]

Garrett Ace 150 & 250 Metal Detector Revie...

The Ace 150 and Ace 250 models have been Garrett’s most popular entry-level metal detectors on the market, particularly because of their very similar range of features that make them ideal for simple tasks such as coin shooting. With the Ace 150 priced only in the mid to upper $100s and the Ace 250 priced […]

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review

The Gold Digger metal detector from Bounty Hunter is a very popular choice for beginner treasure hunters. It’s extremely affordable at just over $65 and is a simple model with only two knobs and a sensitivity meter. A Simple, Solid Beginner Metal Detector The Gold Digger is a simple machine. It is powered by 2 […]

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Detector Review

It feels great to be a treasure hunter. How amazing it is to go through all the fun and thrill of what you will find next as the exploration goes on. Go on for a real treasure hunt with Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Metal Detector. Go out to parks, beaches and lots more and detect […]

Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Detector Review

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector is a feature-packed device from which people of all ages can derive entertainment and pleasure. It is highly efficient and constructed from high-quality materials so that the product delivers at optimal performance, and is the best value for your money. Read the rest of this review and rate […]

American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector Revie...

American Hawks Explorer II Metal Detector has all the detection features that you need and detects with high accuracy.  It has a large screen which shows the type of object that you want. It accurately distinguishes a Penny nickel or a quarter.  The waterproof coil lets you search in shallow water and find gold rings at […]