Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

For those detectorists looking for a mid-level metal detector at a more affordable price, Fisher F2 is probably one of the most suitable machines available, integrating a wide array of features that make it a godsend. Once you start using it, you will undoubtedly love its flawless performance at relic hunting, coin shooting and even casual gold prospecting as you will be able to accurately locate and easily dig all targets in a timely, efficient manner.


The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is a state-of-the-art treasure hunting device that comes with a pin pointer for greater accuracy. This featured item has notches that allow the length to be adjusted when searching in a moist or watery area. With its high sensitivity and pin pointer, it can easily bring you more valuable things that you can sell and earn profit later on.

A Simple, Straightforward Metal Detector for Beginners

As with most mid-level metal detectors on the market, Fisher F2 is powered by two 9-volt batteries that are supplied in the same package as the machine. Once your metal detector runs out of battery, you can easily recharge them by plugging in the charger in the plug connector and wall socket, so you will not need to spend another $14+ on batteries several months, even years after buying the unit.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector FaceplateThe Fisher F2 metal detector is equipped with several levels of discrimination, which can be adjusted by simply pressing + or -. Once you do so, a specific icon will appear on the LCD display, showing you which targets will not be eliminated from the detection. Not only will this make your detections more accurate and efficient, but it will also reduce the need for digging whenever your detector locates a target. On top of that, you can always increase or decrease the sensitivity depending on your needs in order to raise the likeliness to actually find the desired targets.

The LCD screen of the Fisher F2 can display up to 8 segments of visual target identification (ID), along with 2-digit numeric target value, which will help you identify all targets before even digging for them. With the “Notch” function included, you can selectively include or exclude specific targets without issues, which will increase target identification accuracy dramatically.

Much to your delight, this Fisher metal detector can be set to Pinpoint mode, which can identify the exact location of targets, so you can know where to dig, and how deep. The ground balance feature is manual, therefore, you can adjust it yourself to better suit your needs.

Technical Details and Specifications

The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is the metal detector that any relic hunter, gold prospector or coin shooter needs to have for them to get the best of their search. Overall, these aspects make the detector to be the most effective detector in the market.

Size: 14 x 7.2 x 20.2 inches
Shipping Weight: 9 pounds
Model Number: F2
Battery: 2 x 9-Volt batteries (included)


  • 8-Segment visual target identification and 4-tone audio I.D.
  • Fast, sensitive target response
  • 2-digit numeric target value
  • One-touch pinpoint with numeric depth readout
  • Includes Fisher FPoint Pinpointer and 4″ Search Coil
  • Has a pin pointer for easy finding of metals
  • Detects easily coins, relics, and other metals
  • Eliminates electrical interference when hunting
  • Has soft-based motion discrimination
  • Can be used even on marshes and wetlands
  • Has high-resolution manual ground balance
  • Non-stop display of mineral concentration in the ground
  • Can detect even deeply buried metals

More Features and Current Price

Who is it Best For?

Whether an individual wants to do metal detection for fun, or as a hobby, or if they are professional relic hunters, whether they are prospecting for gold or they are simply coin shooters or coin collectors, this metal detector is made for them. Young children should not be allowed to operate the detector on their own since they can injure themselves or tamper with the proper functioning of the device.

This treasure hunting contraption is a “must have” for professional treasure hunters who are willing to go to far away places to find precious metals and relics.  Fisher F2 will be helping them to find as much wealth as possible. It can be used both on dry and wetlands. Those whose hobby is treasure hunting will also find this product a very good companion during their outings and treks.

Pros of the F2 Fisher

Fisher F2 Metal Detector is easy to assemble and can be used right away. It has a pin pointer to locate the treasure easily.  The device eliminates other sound so that only the metal soundings can be heard. Signals for each type of metal are differentiated. The hand has a notch and can be elongated when searching in wet areas. There is an indicator of death and the kind and amount of minerals found on the ground. There is a graph displaying the amounts of each metal. The contraption is very light and is easy to carry. You can easy drag it along on the ground while listening to the possible sounds of hidden treasure below.

The Fisher F2 has a 7.8 kHz frequency that enables the search to be abundantly fruitful. It comes with frequency shifts that enable the user to eliminate cross talk as well as electrical interference and software, whose advancement discriminates against the motion as well as, trashy areas. The metal detector is tuned to allow for the user to search for metallic objects in places where there is not a lot of trash. In addition, it has a visual targeting identification that does this by category and a 100 range indicator. It has an exceptionally high resolution for when it being manually handled and gives out readings continuously. The F2 Metal Detector gives a nonstop display of the presence of minerals in the earth, and it does this in phases. The that any relic hunter, gold prospector, or coin shooter, is a remarkably efficient detector that detects exactly what the user wants as well as it comes with batteries, making it available for use straight out of the box.

Things to Watch Out For

Considering that the Fisher F2 is a mid-line metal detector, you should definitely have reasonable expectations and never compare its performance to that of the XP DEUS or Minelab E-Trac. In the first place, adjusting the ground balance is going to be rather impossible, which will make this machine difficult to use when detecting highly mineralized soils, such as sand.

However, the instrument seemed to have some sort of problems detecting metals on sandy places. If you want a detector that works better on beaches, you should better look at a more technologically-advanced metal detector, preferably one that allows you to accurately adjust the ground balance feature to discriminate minerals in the soil.

Moreover, there is no way to create your own search modes, which will require you to remember the settings you used every time, otherwise you risk decreasing the efficiency of the metal detector the next time you will be using it.

The knob for adjustment is present on the front, so if you shove it deep in to the mud, it might get clogged.


Fisher F2 Metal Detector AccessoriesDespite a couple of flaws, the Fisher F2 metal detector is still one of the most suitable mid-line metal detectors for both beginners and intermediary detectorists, featuring many settings that make it much more efficient and productive when it comes to locating targets. Priced at around $200, this unit performs impressively in many situations, allowing you to take your hobby to the next level.

  • It comes with a five year warranty
  • It comes with a pin pointer. This device is particularly instrumental in that it assists in providing the highest level of accuracy and thus saves on time and improves on efficiency

Buying this gadget will give you lots of benefits. First, you will own something that can easily bring you wealth. It can be adjusted to detect only the sounds of metals that are of value such as silver, bronze, and gold. Second, it is very convenient to carry and use. All you have to do is to pull it along the ground you are walking on and watch for the sounds of treasure coming from the headset. Then, you can dig for it. Fisher F2 Metal Detector can also detect metals that were covered or lost many years ago.  Third, using his will be a great fun for the whole family. It is a good occasion for bonding among parents and children.

What Consumers Are Saying

At the present time, the Fisher F2 metal detector averages a rating of 4.3 stars, as most customers who have bought it was particularly pleased with its overall performance right from the first detection. While some customers reported this machine to accurately indicate the type of metals you have just located underground, others were very happy with how easy to operate it was.

Furthermore, some buyers claimed that this model was very lightweight and compact, which made it easy to carry in a backpack for those detections that required a little amount of hiking as well. If you are planning to go on detections with your children, the Fisher F2 metal detector is going to be a great option, since they will be able to use it as well.

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