Metal Detector Terminology

Automatic Ground Tracking (AGT)

AGT refers to the ability of the detector to track the changes in ground mineralization and automatically adjust the ground balance to suit. This ensures perfect ground balance and full detection depth and Eliminates the need for the operator to stop and manually adjust the Detector as the ground conditions change.

Broad Band Spectrum(BBS)

Most detectors operate on one or sometimes two frequencies only. Minelab’s BBS technology automatically transmits 17 separate Frequencies over a range from 1.5kHz to 25.5kHz. This means You have more depth, greater sensitivity and more accurate Discrimination.

Dual Voltage Technology (DVT)

DVT refers to changes in the voltage used to create the Electro-magnetic field transmitted from the coil into the ground. By using Two different voltages (DVT) the possibility of magnetic saturation of the Ground is lessened. Thus, detectors using DVT have an increased ability To balance out ground mineralization providing increased depth and Greater sensitivity compared with other detectors.

Full Band Spectrum(FBS)

FBS technology is a further development of Minelab’s BBS Multi-Frequency Technology. This technology is unique to minelab, Providing greater depth and improvement target identification most soils Conditions. FBS refers to the use of 28 frequencies operating simultaneously over a range from 1.5kHz to 100kHz. FBS technology means that a wider range of targets can be located at greater depths.

Multi-Period Sensing (MPS)

Minelab’s unique MPS technology transmits a stream of alternating short And long pulses of magnetic field into the ground, causing objects to produce a changed magnetic field of their own. This means you can locate metal targets at far greater depth than conventional (VLF) detectors, while very small targets can still be found in difficult grounds. MPS technology also aids in the accuracy of ground balance which limits the number of ‘ghost’ or false signals.

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

VLF technology is the traditional transmission frequency of detectors; From 3kHz to 50kHz. Minelab makes detectors that operate higher than 50kHz and lower than 3kHz, so you getr greater depth, sensitivity and performance in whatever type of detecting you plan to do.

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