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What Type of Metal Detector Should You Purchase...

Treasure hunting doesn’t necessarily need to be done in oceanic death traps where X marks the spot, although they have been known to unearth great riches for motivated hunters. With humble metal detectors, you can turn up hidden gems in your own garden, or find that single lost earring in your densely carpeted passageway. Metal […]

Metal Detector Terminology

Automatic Ground Tracking (AGT) AGT refers to the ability of the detector to track the changes in ground mineralization and automatically adjust the ground balance to suit. This ensures perfect ground balance and full detection depth and Eliminates the need for the operator to stop and manually adjust the Detector as the ground conditions change. […]

Metal Detector Advice & Guidelines

Choosing your first – or your next – metal detector can be challenging considering the many models available on the market. There are several factors that might possibly influence your decision, and these does not limit only to price, but also to your level of proficiency, experience, skills, and purpose. While some models work great […]